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This isn't a boot camp, the Military college staff are here to help and support you through your course - take a look at who you will meet while you're on our course.
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Area Manager

Ian Shaw

Date Started at MPCT

 June 2012

Military Experience

 Joined the Armed Forces in 1980. Originally Royal Army Ordnance Corps, transferring to the RAPTC in 1985, Commissioned 2000.

Tours include: NI x 2- 2yr tours, Hong Kong, Falklands, Kenya, Germany, Balkans. Sport played during service: Rugby (Army), Swimming/Water polo (Army), Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Orienteering, Squash. Adventure Training: Sub Aqua Diving (BSAC Instructor), Rock Climbing (RLT) Hill Walking (ML(S) ), Skiing, Kayaking. Left the Army in 2006 to work in the UAE, at the Zayed Military Officer Training College, delivering Physical/Adventurous Training and Leadership. Returned to UK in 2012 to work for the MPCT.

"Being able to pass on knowledge, experience, advice and continually Coach, Mentor and Lead, both students and staff is very rewarding and satisfying to me, personally. Life is just a long journey."

Lead Instructor

Steve Tallis

Date Started at MPCT

 March 2009

Military Experience

 During my time in the Welsh Guards I served at Pirbright, London, USA,Canada, Aldershot and Northern Ireland.

"Working in the college as an instructor we get to  use team work on a daily basis, carry out physical training and work in a varied environment, the job is extremely rewarding."

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Training Instructor

Ian Kitley

Date Started at MPCT

May 2015

Military Experience

My military career began with an initial National Service call up to 8th infantry battalion. I joined as a member of the permanent force South African Air Force on 01 January 1987. I joined as a member of the operational intelligence group and airspace control unit. I served in the South African National Defence Force until I left in 2004 as a Warrant Officer. During my service I saw different deployments across Southern Africa from conflict operational zones to search and rescue incidents. The section I served in was responsible for mobile air operation team deployment, logistics, intelligence, communications, manning of operations centres and radar units in various parts of South Africa, all Air Force Bases and the Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre.

"As Centre Manager for the MPCT Cardiff Centre, I conduct the initial interviews and am fortunate to be able to follow the learners throughout their entire journey from start to completion with the college. Watching the learners grow in fitness, confidence and all other aspects of the college environment in conjunction with the instructor who guides the learner for their progression into the military and public services or other employment."

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Training Instructor

Jessica Jones

Date Started at MPCT

 September 2015

Military Experience

I served 10 years in the Royal Military Police and reached the rank of Class 1 Corporal. I completed the Battlefield Casualty Drill Trainer (BCDT) as well as other courses such as the Sexual Offences Trained Officer (SOTO) and Defence Instructor Trainer (DIT) course. I enjoyed all physical aspects of Army life and I deployed on Op Telic 10 and BATUS. Whilst serving, the highlights of my Career were that in 2012 when I was positioned as the Det Commander in Brecon, covering the whole of South and West Wales, being promoted in 2008 and going to Iraq in 2007 where one of my main job roles was detainee handling.

"I love working with a team of like minded people and I thrive when taking on new challenges, in the short space of time I have worked at the college I have already seen how much the instructors help the learners in progressing with their lives, which gives me job satisfaction."

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Training Instructor

Nikki Yapp

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Skills Support Manager

Lisa Price

Date Started at MPCT

August 2011


 I have been in the training sector for the past 11 years and carried out a variety of roles, which have included delivering NVQ’s for Performing Manufacturing Operations, Business Administration, Customer Services and ITQ. I have managed a centre for 16-19 year olds and been responsible for the delivery of Numeracy and Literacy.

"As a Skills Support Manager and being the person responsible for the assessment of Numeracy and Literacy, I thrive on seeing young people reach their potential with Literacy and Numeracy skills. I see confidence grow, not just in an academic way, but also on a personal level.  It’s good to see MPCT students’ transform physically through the robust program that is delivered on a daily basis and mentally through the encouragement given by all the MPCT staff. Girls turn into young ladies, whilst boys turn into respectful young men. It also very rewarding to see young peoples’ attitudes change on a personal level, from one having low self-esteem, into one having the attitude that they can achieve almost anything, with hard work, commitment and dedication."