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This isn't a boot camp, the Military college staff are here to help and support you through your course - take a look at who you will meet while you're on our course.
Lee Winders.jpg
Area Manager

Lee Winders

Date Started at MPCT


Military Experience

Lee completed 16 years of Military service in Germany and the UK as a Physical Training Instructor, leading groups of 400+ personnel in all PT. Lee also served in tours of duty including Iraq & N.Ireland before finishing his career at the Army Foundation College as a Lead PTI in the Adventure Training wing.

"MPCT is a team that genuinely believes in the learner and their needs and it is a pleasure to see the transformation they make towards a better life every day."

Steve Trewinnard.JPG
Lead Instructor

Steve Trewinnard

Date Started at MPCT


Military Experience

I served 25 years in the Army (Infantry) my main speciality was Infantry heavy weapons and have taught as an Instructor in this role. I’ve lead large and small teams in various operational theatres worldwide and been an Instructor at numerous military training establishments.

"Working at MPCT allows me to engage with the student’s motivation, enthusiasm, education and assist with their progression into the Armed Forces."

Luca Grillo.jpg
Training Instructor

Luca Grillo

Date Started at MPCT


Military Experience

I joined the army soon after leaving school to become a Queens Royal Hussar. They are an armored regiment who specialize in Tanks. During my time I pursued my dreams of becoming a Physical training Instructor so I could influence and inspire people to enjoy fitness. I travelled many places such as Canada, Germany, Afghanistan and places in between.

"Being a part of MPCT for me is like being part of a family, all instructors and managers share the same passion. Having the opportunity to inspire young people to reach their dreams in life. This is an overwhelming feeling and such a reward to witness, from the point they arrive to the point they leave you know you have made a huge impact and difference in their lives for the better."

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Skills Champion

Keara Creed

Date Started at MPCT

August 2014


Since graduating with an FE specialist PGCE qualification from Cardiff University back in 2013, I have worked for schools, colleges and independent educational providers such as Action for Employment (aka A4E) and T2 Apprenticeships. I have taught across ability ranges in subjects such as English, ICT, Art and Maths; although my ‘specialist’ subject is probably English, having started out teaching this as part of a British Council internship back in 2010.

"In my role as Skills Champion, I enjoy working one-to-one with students in order to boost their confidence and help them to overcome their insecurities when it comes to English and/or Maths. It’s surprising how much just a small amount of extra support can do! It also really pleases me when I see learners go onto better things after leaving the college; for example, doing well at assessment days, or getting a job."