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This isn't a boot camp, the Military college staff are here to help and support you through your course - take a look at who you will meet while you're on our course.
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Regional Operations Manager

Pete Leak

Date Started at MPCT

July 2006

Military Experience

Served 13 years in the Royal Green Jackets, gained the rank of Corporal, trained as a Physical Training Instructor and served in Northern Ireland, Fiji, Cyprus and Kenya.

"The most rewarding part of the job is seeing learners progress within their chosen career, I enjoy helping them with any barriers they need to overcome and it gives me a sense of pride to see them develop into professional and focused young people."

Area Manager

Paul Evans

Date Started at MPCT


Military Experience

Enlisted into the Armed Forces in 1989 where I joined the 1st Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers which is currently now the Royal Welsh. Completed my training in Whittington Barracks, Lichfield. From here I was posted to Berlin for 3 years then went onto a further posting in Tidworth.

"What I enjoy about working for MPCT is the variety of training we deliver to the young people. With the company being very unique, I feel that the students get the full benefit of the different types of delivery sessions we offer. Watching and working with the young people we have in the College, to see them develop and take a journey into their chosen careers is very rewarding."


Lead Instructor

Luke Seal

Date Started at MPCT


Military Experience

I joined the Royal Engineers as a Combat Engineer which consists of bridge building, demolitions, mine warfare, field fortification, and did further training to become a Communications Specialist throughout my career. I have deployed on many different types of exercises all over the UK and internationally including, Kenya, Cyprus, Jordan, and one operational tour of Afghanistan in 2011 with the Counter-Improvised Explosive Devise Task Force. I spent my last four years at an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Regiment (EOD) with 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) based in Saffron Walden where I became a search team 2IC for high risk search.

"Having spent a year at MPCT Birmingham I can tell you that I like the structure of the daily routine that the college provides for the learners. Taking Physical Training lessons and seeing the progress that all the learners make towards their fitness goals and then seeing them progress into the Military is one of the biggest rewards of the job."

Training Instructor

Bonnie Simeon

Date Started at MPCT


Military Experience

I joined the British Army in January 1997 as an RLC Driver. My first posting was to Colchester as a fuel operator where I did two tours of the Falkland Islands. I then moved on to do a year in Northern Ireland as a Saxon driver for the marching season until 2001. I was then posted to Gutersloh 2cs Regt in Germany until 2006 as a drops driver. While in Germany I completed a tour of Iraq during my tour I was promoted. I joined the squadron boxing team and also the regimental basketball team. I worked in the Unit Welfare office as the housing JNCO and the Entertainment JNCO. My final post was Abingdon, in this time I became the regimental and squadron boxing coach, and did one more tour of Iraq as a force protection vehicle commander.

"While working at MPCT I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed working with young adults and seeing them develop and achieve their goals that they may have thought were not achievable. Since being here I’ve seen the learners leadership qualities grow with their confidence helping them to progress into any job role they may be working towards."


Skills Champion

Jenny Brophy

Date Started at MPCT



Having worked in the training industry for 10 years with a variety of students of ranging needs, covering numerous skills qualifications with recruitment and human resources experience. Also as a military spouse I can understand civilian and military perspectives on training and education.

"I love to see Students achieving skills and confidence in the mpct environment, from skills achievement and certificates, to personal self respect and belief in themselves. School was not for everyone and a new unique mix of learning at mpct drives success in both students and staff."