Our parents can't speak highly enough of our programme and the difference they see in their children. Take a look at the below testimonials.


Parent Testimonials

Parents of Bradley McLean

Gary and Sophie McLean


"Since joining MPCT Bradley has been far more disciplined, orderly and content. Now he’s really driven to succeed. How these guys [MPCT Instructors] get him out of bed at the time he gets up is beyond me and its with such enthusiasm."

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Grandmother of Jacob Rottier-Burnett

Stacey Burnett


"He is just so committed, he cycles 5 miles each day, up at the crack of dawn. He’s is really proud to be a part of it [MPCT]. He’s not academic, he has dyslexia so that held him back at school but at MPCT he is thriving. You can see his confidence build, he loves it and he always talks really positively about MPCT staff, their coaching and support.

His whole family are here to support him today, he has his great grandparents, two sets of grandparents, his parents, step parents, his sister and aunty. We support him whole-heartedly."

Mother of Jay Nixon

Hayley Rombach


“He is a lot more confident, he was shy at school as he struggled with his literacy but now he’s more confident in his English and getting his points across. 

Now he actually gets up and irons his clothes, he does his own clothes now. He has developed a lot of pride. 

Today I have struggled not to cry and embarrass him. The Awards Ceremony lets us see what they actually do and see how far they have come from school. They are not children anymore.”

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Careers Advisor and Step Dad of Caisil O'Hare

Peter Fryer


"His fitness is a lot better. He’s really focussed on a career in the RAF. He has done a lot with the Air Cadets in the past so now MPCT is really helping him with his fitness, this was key for Caisil.

The South Wales Awards Ceremony is a really good opportunity to showcase all of the Military Preparation Colleges in Wales so friends and family can see the distance travelled and how focussed all of the learners are on their work."