All students will report for parade by 9:30am and leave at 2:30pm.

On their first day all learners will be taken through an induction to the centre including a refresher for all year 11 students, which will cover classroom contracts, health and safety, centre regulations and student/instructor expectations.

Forms to complete
Before starting the course, you will be required to complete a series of forms. Download the forms here.

Uniform and kit list
All students are required to wear a uniform whilst at MPCT. Uniform can be purchased from here. 
Can we please ask that uniform is purchased prior to the students starting with us.

All students are required to purchase the following uniform:-

  • Military Preparation School Bundle 
  • Combat trousers (can be bought online from ebay or cadet direct for example)
  • Black boots (can be bought online from ebay or cadet direct for example)
  • Belt 

In addition to the above it is essential that students bring with them the following every day that they attend The Military Preparation School:-

  • Pencil Case (including sharpener, pen, pencil, rubber, ruler)
  • Water bottle containing water only, no energy drinks permitted.
  • PT Kit (shorts, t shirt, trainers)
  • If possible please bring spare trainers in the event of poor weather conditions.
  • Cold packed lunch (students are not allowed to leave the premises for lunch and do not have access to any heating facilities)
  • Shower kit including towel

 Healthy Living
As an organisation we promote and encourage healthy living, so the following rules apply to all students and instructors at the school.

  • No smoking or vaping
  • No fizzy pop or energy drinks
  • No excessive cakes or sweets
  • No chewing gum

Please see the links below for healthy lunch options for inspiration:-

To have the best chance of achieving the qualification at MPCT we must stress the importance of attendance. We aim for all students to achieve at least 95% attendance throughout the academic year.
If for any reason students are unable to attend, please can this be supported with a note from parents or school along with a telephone call to 08442 438 438.

Poor discipline, misconduct, bullying, theft, drugs or vandalism will not be tolerated. All the above are offences for which students may be dismissed from the course. Therefore, all students must adhere to all the rules and regulations. There are rewards for students who are professional and respectful. Your performance here will have a direct bearing on your future.

At The Military Preparation School we use Facebook to communicate with students outside of the centre. If there is a change to the planned activities it will be posted on Facebook as well as being communicated to your school. Can we please ask that students ‘like’ our Facebook page to ensure they are receiving all the information required whilst on the course?