How do I join?
As you are pre-16 ultimately the decision lies with your Headteacher. However you can approach your Head of Year or tutor who can approach the Headteacher on your behalf. If you research our provision and look at how the course would benefit you for your future career then it will be clear that you making an informed choice.

Will it cost me money to join?
No. The school, if they agree to your placement, will be charged on a monthly basis for your course. 

Do I wear specialist clothes?
Yes we have a uniform. This can be ordered here and again the cost will be charged to the school. However often combat trousers and boots are personal to the learner and many buy these themselves.

Can my parents pay for me to attend?
Sometimes learners who are home tutored or who have decided to attend with the agreement of the school pay for themselves. Parents are requested to contact MPCT directly and we will inform you of the charges.

What do I do for lunch?
You bring your own lunch. We are a healthy eating provision so we take nutrition very seriously especially as half of the course is physical training. If you are entitled to free school meals some schools make provision to collect the lunch before departure. No learner is allowed offsite during the day so you need to be organised.

If I join MPCT what career advice will I get?
We offer the City and Guilds Employability Skills qualification and the theme of the course is about progressions and equipping the learner into employment. Each MPS has a detailed programme of external visitors to the centre and they all offer career advice for their own sector such as public service jobs such as military, police and physical training.


“Inspirational work being undertaken by MPCT, delighted we are able to support the work of MPCT.”
Leighton Andrews, Education Minister