Exercise Operation Sandy Dune is an overnight military themed exercise which learners attend whist on provision.

The exercise runs between March and June each year which is based in Merthyr Mawr, Bridgend.

The exercise requires learners to complete an overnight exercise whereby they are able to experience a military themed expedition. The exercise is an opportunity for the learners to test themselves against the elements whilst putting into practice all of the skills and drills they have learnt this year. It also supports the BTEC vocational qualification.

Learners will participate in a number of lessons and exercises with a view to give an insight into the way the military conduct themselves whilst on exercise or operations. This is also an ideal opportunity for learners to work together in areas of field craft, navigation and physical fitness and skills such as confidence and teamwork.

Learner Kit List

Listed below is a recommended kit list for the learners, additional equipment may be taken by the learners but it must be remembered that each individual carries their own kit.

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Boot Cleaning Kit 
  • Green Skills Academy T-shirt  
  • Whistle 
  • Gloves  
  • Torch & Spare Batteries 
  • Warm Hat (no baseball caps)
  • Notebook, Pen and Pencil 
  • Underwear 2 pairs
  • Sun Cream desired
  • Socks 3 pairs
  • Insect Repellent desired
  • Wash Kit & Towel  
  • Medication - if required
  • Knife, Fork and Spoon
  • Training Shoes (old) 1 pair
  • Complete Set of Spare Clothing – Tracksuit and warm kit (Waterproofs will be provided)

Items brought to the morning of the expedition NOT deemed necessary, such as fire lighting equipment or pen knives will be left behind prior to expedition in a secure location.

Mobile phones are not to be taken by learners on the exercise. These will be left in a secure location within the centre for learners to have on their return.

Learners will be supplied waterproof kit, cooking equipment, rations, water bottle and mug, fleece, poncho (no tents are required).

Learners will have to carry everything they bring and so limiting their kit and equipment will be advisable, only necessary food will be a few snacks as a full ration pack will be provided.