Here are some questions that we get asked by people who are taking part in the St David's Day Run. If your question isn't listed then please call the team on 08442 438 438.

1. Will I get a race pack through the post?

Yes, you will receive a chip timer and your race number as well as race details in the post at least 1 week before the race itself.

2. Can I switch races that I am entered for?

Yes. You are able to switch the race you have entered but you will not be eligible for a refund if the new race is at a lower price. You will however be charged if the new race is a higher price. The cut off date for switching is Sunday 19th February 2017.

3. Is there a minimum age requirement for the races?

For the 1K there is no minimum age - it's child friendly. The minimum age of the 5K is 13 years old and the minimum age for the 10K is 16 years old.

4. Are there race t-shirts available?

Yes, you can buy a T-shirt from the registration tent on the day.

5. Can I register on the day after online registration closes?

Yes, you can, registration opens from 8.15am. We can only accept cash payments on the day.

6. Can I pay by card on the day?

No, we are only able to accept cash payments.

7. Can I run with my dog?

No, it will be hard for us monitor on the day but we cannot guarantee the safety of the dog or indeed other runners on the day. We expect high numbers of runners so it's best to keep dogs away.

8. Do you have a 'no headphones' rule?

You are welcome to wear headphones, but please be aware of the safety of yourself and others as well as keeping an ear out for race day announcements over the tannoy.

9. Where can I park on race day?

We are unable to advise on where to park on race day, please use Google maps or similar to find an ideal parking place. We do expect high numbers, so where possible, it would be advised to car share.

10. Where can I shower after my run?

We'd love to be able to offer shower facilities, but we don't! The best place would be at home!

11. What time does my race start?

10am- 5K
11am - 1K
12 noon - 10K

12. What are the race day prices?

For 2017, the prices are as follows:

Race Member Type Earlybird Until 30th September 2016 Until Online reg closes - 19th Feb 2017 On the day - 5th March 2017
1K All £6 £6 £6
5K Affiliated £10 £12 £16
Non-affiliated £11 £13 £16
10K Affiliated £17 £19 £22
Non-affiliated £18 £20 £22
13. What if my race pack doesn't arrive or I have moved house and forgotten to provide you with my new address?

Replacement packs will be available on the day from the registration tent. Please head there as early as possible on race day.

14. Does everyone get a medal?

Yes, all runners in all races receive a medal once they have completed the race. As well as a running number with built in chip timers.

15. Do I have to complete my run within a specific time?

No! Absolutely not! It's a fun run and we encourage everyone to enter and simply have a great time!

16. Where do I sign up?



17. Can I run with a pram?

We would strongly advise against this in the 5K and 10K runs. This will be OK for the 1K, but we would ask you to start at the back of the race so as to avoid any potential collisions.

18. Are there any route maps to help me with my training?

Yes! You can take a look at them here.