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Apprenticeships Employer Incentives Programmes

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The Welsh Government believes in and supports Apprenticeships in Wales as they fuel the future essential skills base of our nation.

Apprenticeships in Wales help to:

  • Inspire success in the individual
  • Bring huge benefits to the workplace

What's in it for you?

  • Apprenticeships ensure that you have the practical skills and qualifications that organisation needs now and in the future
  • The mixture of on and off job learning ensures that you learn the skills that work best for the business you wish to go into
  • Over 130,000 companies offer apprentice places throughout the UK because they understand the benefits that apprentices bring to their business
  • They increase your productivity, improve competitiveness and apprenticeships lead to a committed and competent workforce that understands how businesses operate

More than a quarter of UK businesses rate this form of vocational training higher than any other qualification.