0900                 Arrive at Sports Academy

0900-0930    Breakfast Club – fuel up for the day ahead, while BBC News/Sky Sports News is on TV provoking discussion and social interaction with peers

0930-0940     Energisers – Activities to engage learners to get them ready to learn and introduce the day’s events

0940-1050    Active Learning session following the Inspired Curriculum developing learners sport, exercise and active leisure knowledge

1050-1100    Energiser activity to re-focus, challenge and evaluate performance

1100-1200    Active Learning – opportunities to practically apply the theoretical knowledge being developed through Coaching Teaching Instructing (CTI) practices with peers

1200-1230     Lunch

1230 –1345  Practical – Gym Based exercise or circuits with gym challenges working towards individual training programmes to improve aspects of total fitness

1345 –1400  Refuel/Hydrate

1400-1500    Sports – Mixture of team and individual sports to support and develop physical literacy through Multi Skills Development

1500-1530   Shower/Change

1530 –1600  End of day drills - activities to get the heart pumping before you leave for the day